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Should These Tactics Be Allowed To Continue?

Posted on April 10, 2013 at 11:14 AM Comments comments (115)

Former HOY member, Guisseppe Burgess from Chicago, Illinois, who entered the HOY in 2000 and left in 2012, was cleared in court of assault and battery charges that his wife falsely filed against him, and was found NOT GUILTY as charged! Several months ago, Joliet Burgess, who is still a member in the HOY, pressed charges of assault and battery against her husband, Guisseppe. According to Guisseppe, he had come to pick up his children for a visit, when Joliet started a verbal confrontation, which escalated into hitting and punching on him. In defense, Guisseppe had to hold her arms from hitting him, which gave her an opportunity to call the cops, who came and arrested him on assault and battery charges.

In court yesterday, the Judge heard both sides and weighed the evidence presented. He found Joliet in her testimony before the court, to be lying, and saw that she had set up her husband, in order to get him arrested. The Judge acquitted Guisseppe of all charges and also ruled that the children have their fathers name placed on their birth certificates, social security cards, etc... and to remove the Hawkins name off of these legal documents. He was stunned at the evidence presented by Guisseppe's attorney, which clearly showed that Joliet had attempted to subvert the court with false testimony in order to make her husband appear as an unfit husband and father. Joliet in her suit, wanted a 2 year restraining order against Guisseppe, where he would not have any access to his young children. She also had been trying to get them to Texas, where Guisseppe, would not have access to them, lose many legal rights, because of jurisdiction, and most likely would have never seen them again!

Guisseppe informed me, that his wife has been given counsel by the HOY- Kohannah's, who follow Yisrayl Hawkins marriage guidance, and that Joliet's attitude towards him, since he left the HOY, has gone from bad to worse. He feels that she is under a form of mind control by the HOY officials who counsel with his wife, by their divisive marriage counseling, and holds Yisrayl Hawkins and the HOY counselors responsible for the disintegration of his marriage and division of his family! This testimony confirms a pattern of marital destruction of the family unit by Yisrayl Hawkins teachings and a pattern of subversion through counseling, which separates and divides a husband and wife. The womans loyalty to Yisrayl Hawkins is a main factor in causing this marital division! I would like to point out, that Guisseppe Burgess is still a firm believer in following Yahweh and upholds the Covenant to the best of his ability, but to the HOY he is considered a "fallaway" and devil worshiper. His wife has been indoctrinated with this same teaching and the court system in Chicago, saw the religious mind control that this woman is currently under! Of course there is no law against being in a cult and under mind control by a religious cult leader and his teachings, so for now she is free to worship, as SHE chooses.

I HAVE A QUESTION FOR THE HOUSE OF YAHWEH KAHANS WHO COUNSELED GUISSEPPE: Is this what Yahweh teaches in His law? That a woman should separate from her husband and then turn against him, because he did not accept the counsel of family division, that was given to him by Kahan David Heimerman and Levi Everetts, AND THEIR WIVES? It seems like the women counselors have more authority than the Kahans? Do you Kahans realize how many marriages have been destroyed by the teachings and counsel of the Kahans and their wives, just since I was put into exile? In fact, do you realize how many wives Yisrayl Hawkins has lost since 1995? I know of at least a dozen! Why would you want to follow any of his marital teachings and advice? He is the last person I would want to guide me in marriage, after all I am speaking from experience, as he stole my wife too!

I personally know Guisseppe, who is a very humble man. He kept me informed about his wife and the problems he was having. Because I know the tactics of the HOY counsel when someone leaves the church, I warned him to be careful, knowing that she would try to entrap him! He didn't think she would, and of course, she did just as I said she would! But she lost in court because she was found out to be deceptive and a liar! So I ask you is this Yahweh's judgment or do you think she was being persecuted by the beastly system? Because from what I have been informed, he was the one who was persecuted by her! Her example in court, was one of a very troubled, evil woman! This is the type of example many HOY members show to the world! To the worldly courts, Guisseppe Burgess was the one who set the example of humbleness and righteousness!

I bring this to your attention because I am sure you are not aware of this situation and if you do get any information about it, I am sure you won't get all the facts! However this court case is on record against the HOY member Joliet Burgess.

I pray that some of you Elders will eventually grow some balls and stand up against these atrocities being done against the family unit! If you don't, you will be held responsible, because you sit back and do nothing! Like the righteous prophets of old, I am warning you, and praying you will repent of the evil that is being done by the HOY Overseer, Kahans, Kohannahs, and Judges! Some have told me to forget about you, but I won't because I don't want to see any of you perish!

May Yahweh open up your eyes and give you courage!

Kahan/Judge Kepha Arcemont